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We are in the business of helping YOUR business and your “one-stop shop” for access to our products and services, tools and resources and on-going support. So, selling travel insurance has never been easier… with our help!
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“One of the most important reasons that I deal with AwayCare is the broker support I receive. The consistent level of professional interactions and their cheerful attitude makes the process stress free. I would highly recommend other independent brokers dealing with AwayCare for this excellent service from this team.”


“Thank you AwayCare for the suite of products and services provided to me over the last few years. With the wide array of providers I have access to via AwayCare, I find I am able to be very competitive in the Snowbird market, which is my niche. I am especially appreciative of the staff themselves as they are not only extremely prompt in responding to all queries, but are dedicated to being accurate which can often mean going the extra mile and doing some research for me with specific insurers. You are a pleasure to deal with!”


“I have been dealing with AwayCare for all of my clients’ Travel Insurance needs for 20+ years and I just love these guys! They are always helpful and very friendly on the phone, even when I call back 3-4 times with the same client request! I like the commission structure, rewarding you as you go up the premium scale and the automatic commission deposit to my bank is efficient and convenient. You can also deal with multiple Travel Carriers, while processing it all through the capable hands of AwayCare. If you are not dealing with them now then you are probably working too hard!”


“As a fellow broker, I look for an association with people who understand my needs as a broker and who provide the products to satisfy the needs of my clients. They care.”


“We are very pleased with the products available through AwayCare. We appreciate the prompt response to our e-mails from the team, always very helpful. We look forward to working many more good seasons with AwayCare.”


“I am extremely pleased with the help and advice that my staff and I receive from the AwayCare team. They are knowledgeable in the product and with their support they make it easier for our staff to sell the product with confidence. Thanks so much for doing a great job!”


“All my dealings with this team have been very professional and very efficient. I have always received phone calls back in a very timely fashion, whether it be to discuss coverage for a client or to help with a computer glitch. I consider myself fortunate to have a team I can call whenever I have a problem.”


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