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AwayCare Travel Insurance Portfolio

AwayCare’s travel insurance products and services are extensive and diverse. Our wide-range portfolio can help expand your offerings to your clients. In particular, our very own AwayCare True family of products offers unique, customized solutions than what can be found in the market.

Travel Assistance. Anywhere in the world.

AwayCare TravelAid™ is our free travel assistance mobile app. The GPS-enabled mobile app provides travelers with immediate assistance anywhere in the world. Be sure to download it before you leave for your trip!

  • Medical Facility Search – Find directions to the closest medical facility (GPS enabled)

  • International 911 Lookup – Search emergency phone numbers in other countries

  • Travel Tips – For traveling Canadians and visitors to Canada

  • Start a Claim – Begin the claim process

  • Contact Us – A direct link for immediate, 24/7 medical assistance

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