Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently being asked by many of our clients about coverage and the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As per the Canadian Government Advisories, all travelers are urged to return to their home province at their earliest opportunity and that even though coverage may be available and included as per policy declaration, serious restrictions and limitations on health coverage and availability are being met at every destination that COVID has affected.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current broad travel advisory and the level that has been published, our plans will be limited for purchase.  We are happy to assist with any of your questions but we ask that you keep in mind that products/plans and rates will be changing to adapt to the situations that have occurred over the last several months.


Am I covered for the Coronavirus if I am currently out of the country and have a policy in effect?

  • Coronavirus is covered like any other sickness/illness or disease that first manifests after the effective/departure date of the policy. That means losses related to hospital or physician charges due to treatment of the virus will be covered so long as the policy was in force/effect before any travel advisory was announced for any area, country, cruise ship and as long as the trip commencement date was prior to March 13th anywhere outside of Canada, noted on the Canadian Government’s “Avoid Non-Essential and Avoid all Travel” list. That being said, you must also have met all the terms and conditions of the original application at point of purchase.

The insured is encouraged and required to call the claims assistance company immediately upon becoming symptomatic. The assistance company will direct the insured as to the necessary steps to take. Please also note that the insurance companies are all impacted and wait times on calls will be longer than normal.


Can I claim for trip cancellation because of the Coronavirus?

  • Similar to travel medical, the cost of the non-refundable portion of your trip may be covered if you booked and purchased the trip cancellation policy prior to any travel advisory for any area, country, cruise ship and again, as of March 13th, travel anywhere outside Canada, as noted on the Canadian Government’s “Avoid Non-Essential and Avoid all Travel” list. You must also meet the terms and conditions of the application at point of purchase.

What if I can’t get back to Canada because of the Coronavirus even though I am not infected?

  • The costs of quarantine outside of hospital may not be covered unless Trip Interruption coverage was purchased prior to departure.

Please refer to the Government of Canada’s travel advisory page and other resources below which will advise on the specific dates that these advisories took effect and other important information.
Canada – Travel Advisory
Canada – Travel health notices – Levels of risk
Canada – Registration of Canadians Abroad